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BBQ Time - Grilling Tips To Become A “Professional”

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Here you can find some tips for the right "professional" grilling to become a BBQ Expert!

So first of all, we pay attention at what we eat... to select  the appropriate meat and side dishes. Meat should always be under refrigeration of 2 - 5 degrees Celsius and at a temperature of - 18 degrees Celsius or lower for frozen meat. Meat should never be stored in open, non-refrigerated areas.

Also, we have to mention that the meat must not be frozen. Do not put the meat for cooking immediately after taking it out of the fridge.

Then we have the technique, but also the utensils that we will use.

Starting with the barbecue, do not forget that the right grill always makes the difference ... so we choose correctly. It is noted that from the grill the ideal heat must be produced, leaving us to choose the type of grilling we want.

Gas BBQs:


Grill Chef 12988 Gas BBQ 2 Burners

Weber Genesis II E-410 Gas BBQ 4 Burners

Charcoal BBQs:


Landmann Grill Chef Kettle 44cm Charcoal BBQ

Foukou 70x32cm Charcoal BBQ

About the... meat

Marinate the meat with lemon juice, vinegar or wine, at least one hour before grilling.

Turn the meat constantly  - Experts from the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory in California, have found that this reduces the formation of amines by 85%.


Remove visible fats - This way you will get rid of the flares of the fire that "char" the meat and contribute to the formation of dangerous amines.

Grill with the lid down. Thus, the food is cooked well and retains its moisture.

Keep your BBQ clean after grilling.


Follow some important hygiene rules:

Do not place raw and roasted meat at the same point.

Avoid using the same cutting surface.


When finishing the cutting process, clean all the surfaces and the grill.

Juicy and soft meat? Remember that the meat is still baked even when it comes out of the grill, so it's better to remove it from the heat just before it reaches the desired results.


Be sure that you have the proper grilling tools to do the job. If not, make a list of what you need and get them from Paphos Homemarket.

Make your list and visit our shop or do some online shopping.