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Which Coffee Should We Drink At What Time?

Για Ελληνικά πατήστε εδώ.

The huge range of different types of coffees that are now available can appear overwhelming and leave coffee lovers with a difficult choice to make when they want a drink, especially when they factor in the time of day.

Leaving aside personal preference, certain types of coffee may be better suited for drinking at different times of the day or when you are in a specific situations.

Except in the morning, it is a drink that is enjoyed every hour of the day: at work, at the end of a dinner, with company at the afternoon.

Considering that everyone has personal tastes, each type of coffee has its time during the day, and its importance.
Also, the machine that will make your coffee is also important, both in a cafe and at home.

But which coffee should we enjoy at what time during the day?

Morning: Cappuccino

Traditionally a cappuccino is viewed as a drink that should only be consumed in the morning. It is made from a shot of espresso and frothed milk. Drinking a cappuccino in the morning means that the lactose and fat content of the milk can provide an energy boost for the rest of the day. A cappuccino is more filling than some other coffee choices so it may not be the best coffee to choose after a large meal.

At the office: Filter coffee

Filter coffee is the best choice for the office. The fact that it can be easily prepared in large quantities, the fact that it fills a large cup and that it does not lose its flavor when its temperature drops, makes it ideal for workplaces.

After lunch: Cyprus coffee

After lunch, Cyprus coffee is the best. Without straining the stomach, it has as much caffeine as needed to get back to work stronger.

Afternoon: Cold brew

In Cyprus, we love cold coffees, especially in summer. Frappe, frendo cappuccino or frendo espresso is our relaxed pleasure. The cold brew is gaining more and more fans and looks like iced French coffee. Thanks to its mild taste, its natural sweetness and its light character, it is the ideal coffee for an afternoon coffee break.

After dinner: Espresso

An espresso is a strong black coffee which is served in a small cup called a demitasse. It is often drunk at the end of a meal as the strength of the caffeine in the espresso can help to overcome any sleepy feelings caused by heavy eating. Traditionally an espresso would be the preferred choice of coffee to drink in the afternoon or evening as it does not contain milk.

Evening: Decaffeinated

If you want to drink your favorite drink a little later without caffeine but with taste and aroma, decaffeinated is the ideal choice.