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Choose The Right Garden Furniture - Everything You Need To Know

The temperatures are high, so that means it’s the season of sitting outside, to our garden or terrace, for food or coffee.

City Aluminium Anthracite/Beige 6 Seater Garden Dining Set

But do we have the appropriate outdoor furniture to welcome summer?

Center Metal/ Wicker Grey Garden Corner Sofa Set

Choosing the right garden furniture is important, because if you "invest" properly, then you are leading to a practical solution that can take you years.

Acapulco Steel Plastic Rattan 2 Seater Round Garden Dining Set

Before you start to choose…

First of all, you have to think how you will make your outdoor space functional. What will be your mainly use? In any case, you have to keep this in mind. Also, very important is to measure the dimensions of your space to decide later more easily.


Keter Salvador Rattan 2 Seater Garden Dining Set

Choose quality!

Outdoor furniture is important to have quality, as they “suffer” daily, mainly from the weather. In particular, the sun, water and air are very corrosive elements so you need durable furniture, made with new technology materials that will withstand time.

What material to choose?

The most durable outdoor furniture has been made from the following materials:

Aluminum, Pollywood, Resin & PVC:

These materials are lightweight, anti-corrosion, relatively economical and require minimal maintenance. They are also easy to clean with soap and water. However, you should keep in mind that in locations with very strong winds they are not recommended as they have a very light frame. However, if you are looking for a flexible dining table that is easy to transport, this material is ideal for you.

Tes Bali 2 Seater Grey Garden Sofa Set

Steel & Solid Metal:

Very good in endurance, usually with a heavy frame. Very good solution if you want an elegant outdoor dining set that can withstand the wind. After several years you may need to apply a protective varnish.

Tes Lyon Steel 2 Seater Round Garden Dining Set

Rattan & Wicker:

One of the most durable of its kind. Natural raw materials originating from exotic Asian countries that withstand everything, humidity, air, sun, etc. Definitely one of the best options available that will reward you over the years and give a unique style to the garden.

Keter Salemo Rattan 4 Seater Graphite Garden Sofa Set

Wooden Furniture (Acacia, Beech, Balau, Red Shorea, Kwilla, Teak):

 If you are still a fan of wooden furniture, then choosing these items is one way. They are beautiful, solid and comfortable. Also, during the time, the sun gives them different shades and they look even more beautiful and special.

Professional Pine Wood Walnut Sunbed

Stylish Option: Garden Swing

If you are not looking for something ordinary or standard, then you can choose a garden swing. It is a stylish and modern choice, for moments of relaxation in your garden or terrace.

Rav Paloma Rattan Metal Grey 2Seater Garden Swing (032339)

Practical Tips you should know:

If you do not have awnings on the terrace, or a shed in the garden, then it would be good to get an umbrella to create shade, cool down and protect yourself from the harmful rays of the sun.

Garden Umbrella Steel Hanging Cream 3m

At the same time, there is also the solution of a sunshade, so that you can enjoy your garden day and night.

Beige 1m Width (Per Meter) Sunshade

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