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Organize Your Closet - Tips

A clean, organized closet is simply the best.

It streamlines your morning routine, and all that extra space gives you an excuse to expand your wardrobe (or at least reimagine it with new combinations now that you can actually see everything clearly). If you want to make the most of your space, try some of these closet organization and storage ideas.

  • Check the hangers:

Hangers are important in how we organize our wardrobe. So, before we start to put our clothes together, check the hangers, and if it’s necessary, renew them. Recycle those that are not in good condition.

  • Organize belts and scarves:

Belts and scarves are not necessary to be placed in the closet. For our convenience, we can use special hangers for these accessories, which can be placed on the closet door, or place them in special storage boxes with easy access.

  • Use shoe storage:

It’s not necessary to put our shoes in the closet to be organized. For this reason, we can use shoe storage. There we place our shoes by category to find them more easily. Also, a good idea it to throw the shoe boxes, which take up too much space.

  • Coat Stand or Clothe Racks are also helpful:

Like shoes, our bags and jackets, do not need to fit in the closet, especially that ones, which are for everyday use. So, use coat stands or clothes racks to hang them on and find them quickly.

  • Use Vacuum Storage Bags:

We store the clothes we do not need in vacuum storage bags, where the air is removed. This reduces their volume.

Tips for organizing our clothes:

Separate the clothes into stacks:

Separate them into the clothes you wear often and the ones you do not need so much on a daily basis. You can also divide your seasonal clothes. This, of course, depends on the space you have.

Hang and organize clothes in categories:

An easy solution is to dizvide our clothes into categories. So, put together pants, skirts, shirts, etc. Then proceed to another small separation depending on the style, length and color.

Sort them by color:

We sort our clothes by color, which will make the choice easier. A good idea is to keep the white and black at opposite ends and organize the rest in a way that will serve us.


We save more space by making a smart clear on what clothes we no longer wear, and which we can take for recycling, or even, if they are in good condition, donate to some people who may be in need.

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