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Where to Find the Most Comfortable Mattress


A mattress cover is the best way to protect your mattress from allergy-causing dust. A cover also prevents the mattress from absorbing transpiration, which may cause it to deteriorate more quickly. Choose a cover that's quilted or padded with feathers for added softness. Wash the cover once a month.

Most mattresses are constructed well enough that they don't need flipping. (You'll know yours is one of these if the pillow-top quilting is only on one side, or if it has a designated top and bottom or head and foot.) Some experts still suggest rotating them end-to-end once a month for the first six months and then once per season. This is important if one partner is heavier than the other or if you sleep alone because it ensures that your weight is distributed equally across the bed.


Using a cover and rotating regularly can extend your mattress's life. You'll know it's time to replace your mattress when it gives you a stiff back; it probably has lost its cushioning, and the springs have worn down. 


Health matters: Allergy sufferers take note: If your symptoms are bad -- and you already have a mattress cover and wash your linens frequently -- your mattress may have accumulated too much dust. Replacing an old mattress and increasing a room's ventilation are the two most effective ways to reduce dust.

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