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5+1 Ways to “Prevent” Mosquito Bites

It's their season, and especially at night, they become unbearable. Because of them, we can't enjoy our garden or our terrace carelessly, so we need to be "ready for war."

Mosquito bites can be very dangerous to the health for ourselves and our children, but also for pets.

Here are some effective ways to protect yourself from mosquito bites and bleeding by keeping them away.

1)       Remove standing water

Mosquitoes can breed in tiny amounts of water. Once a week, dump or drain tires, gutters, birdbaths, wheelbarrows, toys, pots, and planters.

2)      Choose mosquito repellent for home

You can find various insecticides and other insect repellents in various forms.

Choose the one that suits you and keep unwanted visitors away.

3)      Choose electric insect repellents

One of the most effective ways is to trap them is electric insect repellents. Mosquitoes are attracted to the light, killing them instantly.

4) “Shield” your home

Use a mosquito window and door screens. It is truly one of the most effective solutions. It will keep insects away. Place a screen in windows and doors so that no mosquito can enter.

At the same time, you can protect your children by placing mosquito nets on their cribs or strollers.

5) The fan is a good solution

Air is a natural way to drive mosquitoes away. A fan on the terrace or in the garden, even on the ceiling, would be a very good idea, as in the interior of the house.

6) Air conditioners

The operation of the air conditioner reduces mosquito bites inside the house.

With these ways, you will be able to enjoy your summer nights carefree.

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