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Tips - How to organize your shoes?

Tired of discarded shoes?

No matter what size your shoe collection is, getting your shoes and boots organized makes them easy to find and protects them from damage.

Fortunately, there are almost as many options to organize your shoes as there are shoe styles.

Shoe Storages - Furniture:

 If you want something more classic to be better organized, you can buy a ready-made shoe storage, as the shelves designed to fit all your shoes.

There, depending on the size of the shoe storage, you can put any kind of shoe. With this piece of furniture, your space will look bigger, but also organized.

Shoe racks:

There are shoe racks with shelves to fit exactly all your shoes. Some of them are very fashionable.

This shoe rack can also be placed at the entrance of your house, to store your shoes there, without carrying germs inside your home.

They are also specially designed to fit in your wardrobe.

Hanging Storage Oranizers:

Hanging storage organizers are also a good solution that will save you space, as it is mounted on the wall or door and not on the floor. They can also be placed in closets.

Clothes Racks with low shelves:

Another convenient solution, which will help you to organize both your shoes and clothes, are clothes racks. Specifically, you can find a clothes rack that has low shelves, where you can put your shoes.

These hangers can be used in the living room (as coat stands), but also in your room.

Storage Boxes:

Another practical idea is storage boxes that have enough space to fit a lot of shoes and no one suspects what may be hidden inside, especially if they are not transparent and have color.

Just make sure to put a small scent in each basket so that the space and your shoes smell nice.

You can also leave the box open to ventilate your shoes. 

Also, if you want you can choose a transparent box to see which shoes you have put where or use small boxes, which you can stack on top of each other and make a makeshift shoe rack.

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