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Smart Water Heater Switch - The Benefits

Automate your home, saving energy and time, turning on the heater wherever you are!

Neon Tech Smart WiFi Water Heater Switch

The Neon Tech Smart WiFi Water Heater Control System is designed to convert traditional switch to Wi-Fi Smart, to operate the connected device via your smartphone.

With this switch you can turn on the water heater before returning home through your phone wherever you are. You can set the time it will open, as well as the duration it will remain in operation, with a countdown function.

The settings are stored on the switch so in order of a network loss, the switch stays on exactly as you set it.

You can set the operating time from your smartphone or directly from the button on it.

For this, those who are in the house and do not have access to the application of your smartphone will be able to simply press the button to open the water heater and this will turn off automatically after e.g. 20 minutes.

Also, this switch can be used to turn on lights, fans, alarm systems, etc., making your life easier.

You can turn on the "smart" switch through the HBN-Link Smart App, where you will control the entire system, and which will be tuned to your mobile phone.

It is also compatible with Alexa Google Assistant, where you can turn on / off your devices with just your voice. Also, a remote control is provided.

Mini design:

Lightweight and discreet, the water heater system is suitable for electrical appliances (ceiling lights, lamps, fans, etc)


✓Voice control - works with Alexa Google Assistant for voice control

✓Works with any router-2.4Ghz Wi-Fi Router without other services ✓ Remote access - control the switch from anywhere with your tablet or smartphone, using the free HBN-Link Smart App

✓ Programs the switch to turn the water heater on and off automatically

✓ Protection - turn your devices on and off at different times to give the impression that someone is at home

✓ Replace and remove old light switches easily and economically

✓ Operate sockets, light bulbs or electrical appliances remotely

✓ Mounting on a wall

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