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Why use a Steam Cleaner – 3+1 Reasons

Home hygiene is too important.

Steam is considered as one of the most eco-friendly ways of cleaning, making it the ideal choice over conventional cleaning.

For that reason, Paphos Homemarket introduces the Matestar Mat-Cl Steam Cleaner, which kills 99.99% of all common household bacteria, for a healthy environment, only for 34.95€.

Learn more about steam cleaning and discover why you should use a steam cleaner in your home.

1. Deep cleaning of all surfaces

Thanks to the high pressure (bar) that steam cleaners can produce, they have a powerful and effective cleaning action. Steam power can remove even the most persistent stain. It also offers a deep cleaning on large surfaces (eg floors, carpets, carpets, walls, etc.).

2. Disinfect all surfaces

The high disinfection efficiency of 99.99% against germs, bacteria and microorganisms is due to the high temperature (110 ° C).

3. Cleaning without chemicals

Steam-only cleaning without the use of chemicals is more environmentally friendly, much cheaper for you, and much safer for your health (steam replaces many of the detergents you use for cleaning).

3+1. Quick and efficient cleaning

The use of the steam cleaner is applicable to many different surfaces, replacing the traditional way of cleaning agents, saving time and money.

Reasons for using the Matestar Mat-Cl Steam Cleaner:

  • Matestar Mat-Cl steam cleaner has a capacity of 350mL of water, while a temperature of 110oC can kill 99.99% of all common household bacteria and disinfect.
  • Continuous steam working 7-10min.
  • 180 degrees nozzle to get into tight spaces and under furniture.
  • Child lock.
  • 3Bar pressure.
  • Lightweight design.25g-40g/ min steam flow.
  • Accessories included: Flexible hose 55cm, Window cleaning, Fabric cleaning, Cloth, Measuring cup, Funnel, Nozzle, Brush.
  • Power: 900-1050W.